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Penguins are thus far only mentioned once in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, in the game, School of Dragons.


Penguins are flightless birds belonging to the Family Spheniscidae. They are widely known for their upright position, shuffling gait on land, and their predominantly black and white coloring. Penguins are highly suited for life in the water. Their "wings" are not suitable for flight as other birds, but instead are adapted well for fast swimming in the ocean.

Penguins actually only occur in the Southern Hemisphere, with the Galapagos Islands being the Northernmost location they are found. Penguins are not exclusively an arctic group either as often assumed - a large portion of species occur in temperate regions.


In the Franchise, penguins have little function, except as an inadvertant guide through hazardous ice patches in How to Train Your Dragon Mobile Game.

In reality, historical Vikings would not have come across penguins at all, due to their distribution on the other side of the equator, penguins have been consumed by humans, but not on a large scale. They are often part of zoos and other public displays.



How to Train Your Dragon Mobile Game

Penguins appear in the Icy Lakes region on Berk. The player - playing as Hiccup - observes a penguin move safely across a field of dangerous ice, and then follows its steps where to go without falling through.

School of Dragons

There is a Stable Quest called "Lynxes, Penguins, Oh My!" in which the player sends non-active dragons to help Fishlegs catalog the fauna of islands nearby.



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