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The Peaceables are a Viking Tribe of the Barbaric Archipelago mentioned on several occasions in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


From the bits of information gathered from the Book series, the Peaceables ascribe to a non-confrontational, non-militaristic way of life. They are said to be afraid of the Hairy Hooligans, and are frequently menaced by other Tribes in the Archipelago. In fact, the Hooligan tribe uses them as practice for teaching Hooligan children about Piracy.

The Peaceables are terrified of us Hooligans, Woden only knows why ...
  Gobber the Belch  

The Peaceable Tribe also seems to be based on agriculture and fishing. When Alvin introduces himself to the Hooligans in How to Be a Pirate, he pretends to be a Peaceable potato farmer. Though this later turns out not to be true, the fact of a farming Peaceable is not. Later in How to Speak Dragonese, a number of Peaceable fishing boats are out on the Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub. They are to be the targets of piracy practice for the Hooligan Viking novices.

Despite being non-violent, the Peaceables do wear helmets for an undetermined reason, as indicated in Book 3.


How to Be a Pirate

Alvin the Treacherous, posing as Alvin the poor-but-honest-farmer, lies to the Hooligan tribe that he is a potato farmer with the Peaceable Tribe.

How to Speak Dragonese

Peaceable fishing boats are seen, when the Hairy Hooligan Novices venture out in their hand-made boats to raid them as part of 'Boarding-an-enemy-ship' lesson. The lesson is part of the Hooligan Pirate Training Program.

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