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Pea is a plant briefly mentioned in DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.


Although the term "pea" is usually used to describe the seeds of the plant Pisum sativum, it can also be used to name plants in the Family Fabaceae.

Peas are normally solid green, and sometimes golden yellow, or infrequently purple pod-shaped vegetables, commonly grown by humans in a cool season, as vegetable crops. Pea plants are vines with thin tendrils forming from leaves that can coil around any support climbing 1–2 m above ground.


Peas are commonly used as food, usually boiled to make their taste sweeter.

Because of their symbiotic relationship with Rhizobia bacteria that fix nitrogen in their roots, when peas die, they release the substances in the soil, which will later be used by other plants.

Comparing something to a pea is saying that it is really small.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

Snotlout mentions peas in the episode "Mi Amore Wing", while talking about the twins' intelligence.

They share a pea brain, Hiccup, and peas are really small to start with. [src]
  — Snotlout  


School of Dragons

In the Quest "Going Berserker", Snotlout gets tricked into eating toxic Mushrooms by the Twins. Realizing he got duped, he says he "can't imaging what those pea-brains were thinking."



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