Pain is a male Terrible Terror who first appeared in "Worst in Show".

Official Description

Snotlout trained this purple Terrible Terror in a snap... of its teeth on Snotlout's leg! Pain is not so much a name as it is a description.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

Pain is a purple Terrible Terror with a creamy underbelly.


Pain is very aggressive; when Snotlout chose a different Terror to train he bit Snotlout's arm, not letting go. This aggression may not be directed towards Snotlout directly, as Snotlout was simply unfortunate enough to be within its line of fire. But Pain also seemed to like biting Snotlout as Snotlout was the only person he bit.


  • Jaw Strength: It took Gobber a whole afternoon to pry Pain off Snotlout's left leg. He was also shown to bite through rope easily with no struggling at all.
  • Stamina: Able to bite down on Snotlout for long period of time with showing no sign of struggle.
  • Intelligence: Pain understood that he would be thrown to save Meatlug from the Outcast.


  • In “The Eel Effect”, a Terrible Terror is seen repeatedly attacking Snotlout. However, despite their similar personalities, this Terror is not the same dragon as Pain, as it is brownish-red in color while Pain is purple.



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