Padraig was a Viking mentioned briefly in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Becoming a Preacher

When he was 16 years old, Padraig was kidnapped by a bunch of men from Erin who enslaved him and forced him to become a shepherd on their island. He spent the next six years there, after which he was helped by god to escape. He went home, but soon returned to the island of Erin and became a preacher, telling the locals about the god who helped him. He eventually died, and his legacy consisted of people celebrating him by wearing green and drowning shamrocks in ale.



The story of Padraig is a direct retelling of the story of St. Patrick with a twist to fit into the world of the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise. It is shared for the description of the 'Saint Paddy's Toothless' available around March 18th in Dragons: Titan Uprising.

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