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Outcast Weapons are weapons used by the Outcast Tribe during the series.


The Outcasts utilize a variety of weaponry - crossbows, catapults, axes, bludgeons, and swords throughout the TV series.

List of Weapons


Outcast guards are usually armed with bludgeons made out of wood, which they use to knock people unconscious. The bludgeons are half an arm's length; they are thin at one end and round and bulky at the other. They are sometimes covered in barnacles.


The Outcasts mostly use crossbows to hunt or fight dragons, as they can launch projectiles (mainly arrows) very fast and with a great accuracy.


Catapults are large mechanical weapons used for launching boulders, flammable objects, or even people. The Outcasts mostly have catapults on their ships, but they also have a few on their island, for defnse purposes.


In addition to the standard single-pronged spear, the Outcasts also wield a more elaborate bident, or two-pronged spear. At the end of a long sturdy wooden pole sits what resembles asymmetrical flattened metal wings tapering to points.


The Outcasts use large axes for hand-to-hand combat and for cutting different materials, such as wood and ropes.


Swords are also occasionally seen used by the soldiers in the background. They are simple broad swords with no decoration. Although they do have a leather sleeve, so the sword can double as a spear as a last resort


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