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Ottill is a male character who frequently appears in the background as a villager in Dragons: Rescue Riders. He is not named until the Season 2 episode, "Game of Horns".


Witnessing the Rescue Riders Join His Town

Ottil has a habit of fainting very easily. In "The Nest", he faints at the appearance of the dragon members of the Rescue Riders arriving in town, and again when Magnus Finke accuses Burple of eating Haggis.

Ottil participates in the Hoogenboo holiday in "Boo to You". He can be seen dancing with his fellow townspeople.

A runaway wagon wheel hurled toward Ottil in “Heavy Metal”, which Winger knocked out of the way. Ottil still faints.

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

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In "Mecha-Menace", Ottil, along with the rest of the villagers, watched Haggis see his shadow, meaning that spring had officially begun. He was later saved by Aggro from the Mechano-Dragon.

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