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Otis Skeptisson is a mentioned character created for the School of Dragons Website[1].


Meeting Hiccup

Otis Skeptisson attends the School of Dragons as a student. It appears he is not originally from Berk, as he views Hiccup as a bit of a celebrity and has not met him before. Because Hiccup helps out and teaches at the School of Dragons, Otis gets to meet him. Otis is beside himself with glee at finally meeting this famous person!

Today, Odin must have blessed me a thousand times over. I have met my hero, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Chief of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe. I could be captured by a thousand dragon hunters right now, and that would not ruin my day in the slightest! For years, I have dreamed of going to the School of Dragons, and meeting my hero, but it wasn’t until today that that dream was finally realized.
I had heard many tales of his intelligence, patience and bravery, and I hope that I will be able to gather as much knowledge as I can while I am a student here. I want to learn everything I can from him! How did he feel when he first saw Toothless? How did he befriend the Night Fury? How did he create a saddle to ride him? I hope that I can get all of these answers from him. Most of all, however, I hope I don’t get too starstruck and embarrass myself!
  — From the Journal of Otis Skeptisson[2]  


School of Dragons Website

The School of Dragons Website offers a Game Guide and other information about people, dragons, and places connected to the game. To illustrate the world within the game and provide a story-like setting, the website contains 'excerpts' from various characters appearing in other parts of the Franchise, as well as exclusive to the Website. Otis Skeptisson is one of the exclusive characters to the game's website, illustrating the appearance of the Dragon Riders from the films as NPC characters.



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