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Oscar is a male Flyhopper that first appeared in the episode, "King Burple".


Meeting Burple

While being attacked by a wolf in "King Burple", Oscar was saved at the last second by Burple, who fell from the sky and crashed into the wolf. Oscar was impressed by Burple's act and believed that he should be the Flyhoppers' king, as he got rid of the Great Menace. Oscar then noticed Cutter and believed that he was the king's clown, and laughed at everything the Razorwing said. Oscar then brought Burple and Cutter to the Flyhopper village, and explained to them how they had to abandon their ground homes and moved in the trees because of the Great Menace. He revealed to Burple a great feast that the Flyhoppers had prepared for him and invited him to eat. After the Rockspitter finished the meal, Oscar brought him a royal nest made by the Flyhoppers. When Cutter tried to explain to the Flyhoppers that Burple didn't save them on purpose, Oscar laughed, believing it was just another joke. He then asked Burple is the Flyhoppers could move their nests back to the ground, to which the Rockspitter agreed. Later that day, after Burple admitted that saving Oscar was an accident and warning the Flyhoppers that the Great Menace was coming back with an entire pack of wolves, the Flyhopper didn't believe him and thew an apple at Cutter with his tail. Realizing that Flyhoppers can defend themselves, Burple and Cutter taught them how to fight against the wolves using their tails. When the wolves finally arrived, Oscar stood by Burple's side as his friends fought the predators. As the last wolf lunged at Burple, Oscar attacked him, but barely hurt it. After the fight was over, Burple told Oscar that he was very brave and made him the new king of the Flyhoppers before leaving the island. Oscar was honored and was glad that his fellow Flyhoppers were eager to follow his orders.

Hypnotised by Melodia

Oscar was among the many dragons that fell under the hypnosis of a Songwing named Melodia. He was forced to sing alongside her on an island close to Huttsgalor. When the Rescue Riders temporarily stopped Melodia from singing using Dragon Pepper dust, Oscar and the rest of the hypnotised dragons followed the group to Huttsgalor. Upon arriving, they started singing in unison as to help Melodia find them. After a sleepless night, the Songwing arrived on Huttsgalor and the dragons reunited with her. Oscar and the rest of the group then proceeded to sing alongside Melodia, as she hypnotised the humans as well. After several attempts made by the Rescue Riders, Oscar and everyone else that was hypnotised was freed from the Songwing's voice, when Leyla managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Physical Appearance

Oscar is a light green Flyhopper with pale yellow underbelly. He has brown spots all over his body and two dark green stipes on the sides of his tail.


Oscar is playful and friendly, always jumping around and laughing at anything he considers a joke. He appears to be a natural leader, as he can easily get his voice heard by the rest of his colony. He is braver than others of his kind, as he attacked a wolf while protectiong Burple, without worrying about his own safety.


Shovel-like tail: Like all Flyhoppers, Oscar is able to use his shovel-lile tail to grab objects, such as apples, and throw them with great accuracy.



Oscar admires Burple for his supposed act of bravery, and even after the Rockspitter confessed the truth, Oscar still trusted and respected him.



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