Oikish is a character mentioned only briefly in How to Speak Dragonese, Book 3 of the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


How to Speak Dragonese

Hiccup mentions Oikish when he first encounters Camicazi and notes her excellent sword-fighting skill and finds she is as good as he is.

He could beat even Oikish and Dogsbreath quite easily, and was having extra lessons with Gormless the Grim, the best sword-fighter in the Hooligan Tribe.
  — Book 3  

Lumping Oikish with Dogsbreath implies he may be a Viking Novice in the Hooligan Tribe, like Hiccup and Dogsbreath.


  • The word "Oik" is British slang for an obnoxious person. The author, Cressida Cowell, is British.

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