The Odin's Footprint is a land expansion area on Berk seen in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk.


Odin's Footprint is an area adjacent to the Old Forest. It is full of rocky terrain in the form of rock spars, rock clusters, and boulders that the player must remove. It is a wooded area containing saplings, thickets, and groves, woodlands, and forests, which the player must also remove. Odin's Footprint is also bordered by a river running into the sea, Valka's Titan Dragon Training Facility in the sea, and the Dragon Arena. There is also the Bridge to Odin's Footprint the player must rebuild to access the area.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

The player must build the Odin's Footprint Bridge to access the Odin's Footprint land expansion area to increase space.

The player must have a population of 75 Vikings and spend 100,000 Wood or 600 Runes (in-game currency) to build the Dragonscale Cliff Bridge. Building time takes 1 day. Once completed, the player must remove obstacles - rocks and trees - to make space for buildings and dragon roosts.



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