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Nuts are dried seeds or fruits of different species of trees which appear in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


The word nut may refer to a fruit with a hard shell and a seed (rarely two) or a variety of dried seeds used for culinary purposes.

The nut seen in the franchise is the common walnut which is the seed of the fruit called drupe produced by the trees in the genus Juglans.


In both Franchise and reality, nuts can be used as human food.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

In "When Lightning Strikes", Ruffnut and Tuffnut enjoy the destruction of the village while sitting on a roof and eating nuts by cracking them into each other's helmets.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

During one of the quests, Eret has a conversation with Snotlout shortly after he arrived on Berk regarding Ruffnut. Not knowing who she is and mishearing Snotlout, Eret asks him what a rough nut is.

Other Mentions

The members of the Thorston family, also known as the Nut family, have the word "nut" at the end of their name, such as Agnut and Gruffnut.



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