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  Astrid Hofferson  

Nuffink Haddock is the son of Hiccup and Astrid. He first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


Remembering the Dragons at Snoggletog

During Snoggletog, Nuffink was initially excited about helping his father Hiccup in preparing a traditional dragon feast for Toothless. But after listening to Zephyr’s opinions about dragons, he decided to help his sister in killing dragons instead. This prompted Hiccup and Astrid to create a Snoggletog Pageant so that the new generation of Vikings could understand how humans and dragons became put aside their differences.

Seeing Dragons for the First Time

He won't hurt you. Hold your hands up, like this. [src]
  Hiccup introduces his children to Toothless  

Almost a decade after all the dragons of Berk went to live in the Hidden World, Nuffink and his family sailed close to the caldera entrance. He was being held by his father, and helps him drop the anchor. His mother then takes him into her arms, and they observe the waterfall together. There, Toothless, the Light Fury, and their Night Light offspring were playing on some rocks. The Night Fury saw the boat and protectively went to inspect it. By this time, Astrid had put Nuffink down but cautiously held her children back as she wasn't certain what the Dragon would do. Nuffink was afraid of the dragon and sought protection from his mother, burying his face in her shoulder, and covering himself in her fur chieftess cape. When Toothless recognized Hiccup, Astrid laughed and calmly told her children that Hiccup and Toothless are friends and that the dragon wouldn't hurt them. Nuffink stared at the dragon with wide eyes, and when Hiccup invited his children to train Toothless, he was brave in his approaching the dragon. But when Hiccup instructed them to hold their hands out, Nuffink covered his eyes anxiously. At the first touch of Toothless' nose, Nuffink dropped his hand from his face and stared open-mouthed in amazement at being able to touch a dragon.

Nuffink then rode on Toothless with his father, while Zephyr rode on Stormfly with her mother. Nuffink played with the air with his hands while riding, and Hiccup playfully threw him up in the air multiple times, leading Nuffink to giggle and squeal in glee. They were joined by the Light Fury and the Night Light hatchlings, and he momentarily made friends with one of them by reaching out and touching its feet as it flew close. The Night Light squeaked and playfully batted at the boy's hands, and Nuffink looked at his father in astonishment at the interaction. Hiccup then dropped Nuffink onto Stormfly behind Astrid and invited Zephyr to now join him. Nuffink held onto his mother's shoulders as they flew higher and further into the clouds.

Physical Appearance

Nuffink inherited Astrid's blonde hair color and Hiccup's green eyes. His clothing resembles Hiccup's from younger years. He has a thin and lanky body with thick shaggy hair. Like Hiccup, Nuffink has a few small braids in the back of his head. He wears a light tan long-sleeved tunic with a decorative trimming on the end of his sleeves and the hem. His pants are baggy and a light brown in color. Light brown fur and suede boots are on his feet. He also wears a necklace that is set with three sharp teeth, presumably from dragons. He also wears a belt with a buckle shaped like a Night Fury's head, and has a hilt that contains a toy sword. The sword is colorful, having lime green parts and is striped with orange and purple.


In the book, The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Nuffink is described as having his mother's personality, being adventurous and turbulent. In the film maker's commentary, he's said to be a brash adventurer. His love for adrenaline like his father's can be seen when he's thrown up in the air and he's loving every second of it.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson

It's okay, he's not going to eat your father. See? They're friends! [src]
  — Astrid  

Astrid and Hiccup are Nuffink's parents. It is seen that Astrid is very protective of Nuffink, hiding him and his sister from Toothless when the dragon entered their boat. Hiccup shares the love of a thrill with him, and supports it with how he courageously tosses him in the air and then catches him.


At first, Nuffink was scared of Toothless and thought that Toothless, being a dragon, would try to eat Hiccup. Even after Toothless recognized Hiccup as his former rider, Nuffink was still scared of the dragon, and when Hiccup showed him how to hold his hand out to Toothless, Nuffink covered his eyes, unsure of what would happen. Later, Nuffink enjoyed riding Toothless with his father for a brief time, before being tossed by Hiccup to Stormfly with Astrid, while Zephyr rode Toothless.


After riding Toothless with Hiccup for a short while, Nuffink then switched places with his sister and rode Stormfly with Astrid.

Night Light Hatchlings

As Nuffink flew on Toothless' back with Hiccup, and the young Night Lights kept themselves close to their parents in flight, the hatchling trio flew close up to Nuffink a few times and as Nuffink reached his hand out, Pouncer grabbed it with its paws.



  • His and his sister's names were announced by Cressida Cowell[2] when she and Dean DeBlois attended the London Premiere of the film.
  • Nuffink's name is interpreted as an urban definition of the word "nothing".
  • His age was initially announced to be "5" by Dean at the Annecy Film Festival in June, 2019. However the final movie script[3] confirms it to be "3".
    • Depsite being "3" Nuffink looks like he's "5" years old.
  • Though both children vocalize in the film with gasps, giggles, and squeals, Nuffink is the only one to actually speak when he says "Dada!" while being thrown into the air by Hiccup. The children's voices in the film however are not credited.


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