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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Nuffink's Dragon Mask is a head covering used by Nuffink Haddock and Zephyr Haddock when they pretend to fight dragons.


How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Nuffink is seen wearing the mask one evening while his sister builds another dragon trap. He puts it on, and runs at top speed toward the trap, pretending to be a dragon. The trap rams him right in the head, and knocks him backwards off of the house's patio and into a snow bank. He holds his thumb up in triumph that the trap had gotten the "dragon".

In the Homecoming book, he is seen wearing it in the house while Zephyr fights him with an axe and a shield. And in concept art for the special, Zephyr is shown wearing it.

Snoggletog Log

Nuffink is wearing it when he first steps on screen during the special.

School of Dragons

A teaser image for a new character coming to the game was posted in April, 2020. It is uncertain yet if the character will be either of the children, but the mask was used to hide their identity.

Physical Appearance

The mask appears to be made from wood and suede, with some fabric additions. It is brown with a red jaw, sharp teeth, and a long "tail" hanging off the back. Sharp dorsal plates run down the tail. It is pulled over the head, and the slightly open mouth serves as the eye holes.



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