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      The Northern Markets is a location featured in Dragons: Race to the Edge. They were first mentioned in "The Zippleback Experience" and first appeared in the episode "Saving Shattermaster".

Official Description

Once an unspoiled island, the Northern Markets now house an unsavory port teeming with pirates, weapon mongers, and dragon trappers.
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This island appears to have a bustling market of sketchy Viking traders and weapon-smiths. The land outside the markets, however, appears to have healthy grass, trees, and other vegetation, on a hilly and mountainous island. There is at least one area along the shoreline suitable for docking ships filled with any possible items merchants would want to sell to anyone who visits.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

The markets are first mentioned in "The Zippleback Experience" by two Dragon Hunters as they sneak onto Dragon's Edge to kidnap Hiccup. Unfortunately for them, Hiccup is being guarded by Barf and Belch, so they say they could capture the dragon, too, because its hide would bring a good price in the Northern Markets.

The Markets are mentioned again in "Snow Way Out" while Astrid fibs to protect Heather's true alliance. She says that Johann saw the Dragon Hunters, Dagur, and Heather at the Markets gearing up on cold weather clothing and supplies. In reality, Heather had been the one to supply Astrid with that info.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

The episode, "Saving Shattermaster", opens with the Defenders of the Wing attempting to buy weapons at the Northern Markets. There is a shadowy figure lurking there that appears to be working with the Dragon Hunters. Upon investigation, the Dragon Riders discover Dagur the Deranged is at the Northern Markets, posing as a friend of the Hunters. His real goal, however, is to save Shattermaster from slavery.

Later in "Twintuition", Ruffnut and Tuffnut travel to the Northern Markets against the advisement of Hiccup in order to fix Tuffnut's beloved mace, Macey. A blacksmith there fixes Macey, but rather than being retrieved by the twins, she is stolen by a Dragon Hunter.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

The Northern Markets appear again in the episode "Sandbusted". More of the island is seen in this episode. The Sandbuster is discovered to live on the island.

In the episode, "Sins of the Past", a bit more of the market is seen, as Snotlout Jorgenson walks through it in search of chicken feed. He meets a Chicken Feed Salesman. There is also a seedy tavern on the island, where Heather meets Harek to find out information about her father. Hiccup and Dagur later come to the Northern Markets and interrogate the Chicken Feed Salesman.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6

In "In Plain Sight", Hiccup and Johann go to the Northern Markets to find gemstones needed for the completion of the Dragon Eye II. While searching for the last ones, they go into the Sandbuster's lair where Johann reveals his true intentions to Hiccup. After a short fight, Hiccup and Toothless leave the island.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Northern Markets is mentioned once in a September 2017 Gauntlet Event. Apparently, according to Fishlegs, the Twins visit the Market and purchase a Skrill egg, in order to start a singing band.

Later, at the release of the Sandbuster in game, the Northern Markets became searchable by Toothless, then again by the Light Fury in 2019.


  • The Northern Markets have a very strong criminal underworld presence, and may be the black market of the Dragon Hunters.


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