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The Noise-Making Invention was devised during the "Rise of Stormheart" expansion in the game, School of Dragons.


Keeping a Destructive Triple Stryke at Bay

A Triple Stryke was wreaking havoc on Dragon's Edge, just after the appearance of Nikora Stormheart and her colossal ship, The Tempest. In an attempt to keep the dragon away from the Edge, Hiccup created a device that generated sound that was abrasive to the marauding dragon.

Physical Appearance

The Noise-Making Invention appears to be similar to a windmill or wind turbine. However, the blades power a tab that snaps against protrusions on a rotating cylinder, not unlike a form of hurdy-gurdy.


The snapping tab on the Noise-Making Invention creates a clicking sound that mimics the natural clicking of a Triple Stryke.


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