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Nobber Nobrains is a Hooligan warrior first mentioned in Book 2, How to Be a Pirate.


Battle Aboard the Lucky Thirteen

At the suggestion of Alvin the Poor-but-Honest Farmer a number of Hairy Hooligan warriors - including Nobber Nobrains - embark upon the Lucky Thirteen for the Isle of the Skullions in search of the lost treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly. After a dangerous fight with the Skullion dragons to get off the island, the Hooligans head back home. While in transit, they celebrate with black currant wine, while Stoick and Baggybum argue about the treasure, the Stormblade, and who the true heir to the Hooligan tribe is. While the Hooligans are distracted, Outcasts sail up on the Hammerhead and commandeer the Lucky Thirteen and capture the Hooligans. Alvin had betrayed the Hooligans and was actually the chief of the Outcasts. As Alvin was about to kill Hiccup, Toothless, who had been trapped under a barrel by Alvin, tips the barrel and rolls into Alvin's legs. This momentary distraction gives the Hooligans the chance to fight back, and so starts the "Battle on Board the Lucky Thirteen".

During the battle, the Hooligans fought bravely. Nobber Nobrains uses his prowess with axes to defeat the Outcasts.

There, on one corner of the deck, was Nobber Nobrains, performing the highly skilled maneuver known as the Dance of the Axes, in which the pirate rapidly juggles two twirling axes from one hand to the other, hypnotizing and confusing the enemy, before the pirate lunges forward for the fatal blow.
  — Book 2  

However, at one point the black currant wine spills and turns out to be highly flammable. It catches fire and the Lucky Thirteen bursts into flames very rapidly and sinks. Most of the Hooligans and Outcasts get to safety on the Hammerhead, except Hiccup, Alvin, and Fishlegs. They sink beneath the waves along with the Lucky Thirteen. Nobber Nobrains makes it over safely. Twenty Black Star medals were awarded for that battle, and though not explicitly mentioned, it is presumed Nobber was one of the recipients.

Later on, when Hiccup and Fishlegs return to the village after being presumed dead from the sinking of the Lucky Thirteen, Nobber Nobrains and Gobber push Snotlout out of the way as the Hairy Hooligans rush to greet the two boys.

Managing the Dragon Stables

Nobber Nobrains is revealed to be in charge of the Dragon Stables, and provides the young Viking Novices with their first riding dragons. One of the dragons is a young, traumatized Windwalker that Hiccup was thinking about selecting. Nobber Nobrains suggested not picking him.

I wouldn't pick that one. We found HIM caught in a tree during a raid on Visithug Territory. We think he might be a runaway from the Lava-Lout Gold Mines, and runaways never make good riding dragons. The kindest thing really might be just to bonk him on the head and have done with it ... [src]
  — Nobber Nobrains  

Hiccup selects the Windwalker anyway.

Physical Appearance

The image of Nobber Nobrains gives the impression that he may be of short stature. He has a large hairy belly poorly hidden by his clothing. His beard appears to be dark in color and rather coarse, split into two stiff tails and tied at the ends.


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