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Snotlout: "Anyways, all kidding aside, Hiccup, do you really think Garff is alive? I mean, look at the effect that poison has on Stormfly."
Hiccup: "Look, no matter what, we don't leave a dragon behind, alive or dead."

"No Dragon Left Behind" is the tenth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5. It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2017.


After being ambushed by aggressive Slitherwing dragons on a new island, the Riders think Stormfly has been poisoned and race to get an antidote.
  — DreamworksTV[1]  

Major Events

  • The Slitherwings make their debut.
  • Slitherwing Island makes its first appearance.
  • Garff is relocated.


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After the last battle, the Edge is in pretty bad shape, and the Twins have some fun ideas on how to rebuild their hut, even though theirs is the only one to survive. While they're talking, Garff sings in the distance, and the Riders go to find that he's about to consume Smidvarg. Though he's just following his instinct, they decide it's time to find Garff another home. Fishlegs says he's found a great island home for him, so they all escort him there. At first, it looks perfect, and the Riders all say their goodbyes, but soon they come across some aggressive and venomous Slitherwing dragons. Stormfly, who has created a strong bond with Garff while he was injured, tries to defend him, but the two dragons and the wild ones disappear in the brush. When they find Stormfly, she's cocooned in amber, and Garff is gone. When released, Stormfly starts acting very strangely, so Astrid thinks her dragon has been poisoned by the Slitherwings.

The team splits up to find Garff and collect the ingredients for an antidote, while Astrid stays with Stormfly, though she's unable to control her. Fishlegs, Ruff, and Tuff gather the Angel Fern and tree sap but struggle on how best to get venom from the wild dragons. At almost getting spit poison at by the Slitherwing they were watching, their dragons drag them away just in time, but without the venom. Astrid is insistent and intent on saving Stormfly and runs toward the aggressive one, eventually punching it with her bare hand, collecting a hand full of venom. Poisoned, she stumbles back with halting steps gradually growing slower, to where the others are and promptly collapses, but not before saying to make two doses of the anti-venom.

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Meanwhile, Hiccup and Snotlout are trying to find where the Slitherwings took Garff if indeed the Deathsong is still alive. Snotlout confesses sincere empathy for Astrid, remembering when he thought Hookfang was dying many years earlier and how nice she had been toward him then. They follow the amber trail to a cave where Slithersongs are curled up sleeping and find Garff had sealed himself off from the wild dragons by spewing amber over the entrance of a chamber. They learn that the new dragons' poison coated scales are retardant to Death Song amber, and realize that Garff cocooned Stormfly in an attempt to prevent her from being poisoned.

Back with Stormfly, Astrid wakes up feeling better, but Fishlegs tells her that the anti-venom doesn't seem to be working on Stormfly and he doesn't know why. Thinking her dragon is about to die, Astrid starts crying, and in an attempt to save her from embarrassment, Ruff passes the tears off as just dust. The Twins then remember when their Great Uncle Magmar was dying and explained his stages of grief.

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Astrid suddenly correlates the connection between grief and what Stormfly is experiencing, and realizes that maybe Stormfly isn't poisoned after all, but is merely grieving her friend. Though still sad, Astrid feels better and tries to comfort her dragon with kind words and a drawing of the two dragons together, when a song from Garff is heard and Stormfly suddenly perks back up. They follow the songs to the cave and rush in to help fight off the Slitherwings and save Hiccup and Snotlout, their dragons, and Garff. Fishlegs finds another island for Garff to make his home, but the Riders let the two dragons enjoy each other's company a little longer before they head home themselves.


  • The episode "Race to Fireworm Island" is referenced when Snotlout remembers when Hookfang was sick and Astrid, for once, was kind to him.
  • This is the second time Snotlout talks about ice cream - the first time was in "Crushing It" - even though in "The Eel Effect" they didn't know what ice cream is.
    • It could have been invented in the time between the episodes.
  • This is the first time Tuffnut has said tears without crying. This is possibly because he has got over the effects of the word since the last episode in which his syndrome is mentioned.
  • They use the term moon again when describing the amount of time a Slitherwing's venom kills. Historically a moon has been equal to a month but no venomous animal uses venom that takes a month to work, so this suggests a mistake on the part of the writers. Alternatively, a moon is made to be equal to a day within the Franchise.
  • This is the first episode where Astrid cries when normally she never cries.





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