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Astrid: "You might as well save the men, Krogan. You'll never take Berk!"
Krogan: "From the looks of things, we already have."

"No Bark, All Bite" is the second episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. It was released on Netflix on February 16, 2018.


Stoick and Hiccup are led on a wild goose chase in search of willow bark for medicine, leaving Berk vulnerable to an enemy attack.


The Dragon Riders travel for Berk with Hiccup nervous of how terrible his father will react once he breaks the news about Johann's betrayal. Astrid reassures him that telling it sooner will help lessen the damage. Unfortunately, Stoick receives the news in total anger and his first response is by ordering the villagers and riders to gather all the food supplies they last received from Johann in the center of the village. Stoick then orders Skullcrusher to set the pile on fire despite Hiccup's protests that they could've just checked it for any sign of poison. Afterwards, Stoick heads for Gothi's medicine supply of willow bark that were all obtained from Johann and throws them away. Gobber informs Stoick and Hiccup of the arrival of three potential merchants that Hiccup had sent for during Stoick's purge of Johann's supplies. Stoick reluctantly inspects them but quickly dismisses them having found none of them to have any supply of willow bark. This prompts Stoick to prepare Skullcrusher on a journey to gather willow bark on their own. Before leaving, Gobber convinces Stoick to allow the villagers to restrictively pick one merchant that can provide for their dwindling supplies. Despite his father continuing to ignore him, Hiccup and Toothless decide to secretly accompany Stoick. They fail to notice dragon flyer scouts acknowledging their departure and proceed with their mission.

After a while, Hiccup loses sight of his father when they enter the thick clouds, only to be startled when Stoick reappears behind him having found out his son following behind. Suddenly, a flock of wild dragons emerges from the clouds and head straight for them. Stoick presses on and rams into a Monstrous Nightmare, where Hiccup has Toothless drive it away with a plasma blast before they hurt each other further. When the skies clear, Hiccup finds the island they were heading is set ablaze as if on purpose, but Stoick stubbornly pushes on to the next island without considering the possibility they're being followed. When they arrive, Stoick has Skullcrusher uproot an entire tree to harvest its bark. Hiccup then notices smoke pillars rising from the far side of the island and the two investigate. Hiccup's suspicions come to light when they find that dragon flyers are responsible for burning down the islands. Stoick manages to fight them off but Hiccup believes this is just one part of Johann's plan, but Stoick insists that Johann's plan ends here and proceeds to head back, leaving Hiccup frustrated.

Stoick sets their dragons to rest before they can travel to the next island which is even farther out from Berk. Hiccup tries again to convince Stoick that Johann has a bigger scheme than thwarting their efforts to seek willow bark and suggests they devise a plan rather than continue their blind search. But Stoick isn't willing to listen seeing how his son got fooled by Johann. Hiccup counters back that at least he was duped for a short period while his father didn't even realize it until learning it from his son. Taking it too far, Hiccup tries again to reason but an angered Stoick leaves Hiccup to follow his own decisions while he presses on to the next island.

Under pressure from Stoick, Gobber is unable to choose the perfect new merchant for Berk and it drags on while the Riders are desperate to taste food again. Hearing this, the three traders propose a cooking competition so that they can find out which of their food supplies are superior. The event is held at the Great Hall, where the Twins become judges that indulge on each of the traders' dishes. With a full stomach, the Twins announces their verdict and the traders are frustrated when they both announced a tie. Having enough of serving free meals, the traders arm themselves just when dragon hunters suddenly attack the Great Hall. The Riders surrender while Astrid makes a break for it and find Berk overwhelmed by an unexpected assault by Krogan's dragon flyers. She finds Stormfly in distress as dragon hunters trap her. Astrid charges to her rescue but is halted by Krogan himself.

Meanwhile, Stoick and Hiccup remain cold and silent during their flight. Their dragons attempt to steer them closer in order for them to make amends but they refuse. Eventually, both admit their shortcomings and agree that Johann's betrayal left them confused and divided. When Stoick regrets not having chosen a merchant, he mentions that all three were all selling the same species of fish: Ice Tail Pike. Hiccup realizes that fish is what Singetails eat and that even the merchants were actually sent by Johann as well. The two quickly turn back to Berk.

The Riders, along with Gobber, are all tied up inside the Great Hall, guarded by several Dragon Hunters. Fortunately, Gobber unsheathes a hidden blade stored inside his peg leg and uses it to cut the ropes. The Twins distract the inspecting guards with his talkative nature. The Riders take down the guards and head for the doors but find the them barricaded heavily to lock them inside. From a safe distance, Stoick and Hiccup inspect the situation on Berk. They find the Great Hall heavily guarded and some dragon hunters moving a large ballista to the Arena in preparation of executing the Riders' captured dragons being held there. Hiccup rushes to mount Toothless but Stoick has him hear out his plan for Berk's rescue first.

Stoick and Skullcrusher storm through the dragon flyers and heads for the Great Hall, attempting to free those inside but is unable to when Krogan arrives with his alpha singetail. Stoick positions Skullcrusher in front of the Great Hall's doors so that Krogan's singetail can blast open the doors himself but Krogan sees through this ruse and has the Singetail carefully direct its attacks that won't damage the doors. Meanwhile, at the Arena, Hiccup has Toothless draw a powerful plasma blast against the ballista, but has no effect as the ballista is dragon-proofed. The Dragon Hunters move the ballista outside the Arena and redraw its target towards the night fury and fire upon them relentlessly. Invulnerable to plasma blasts and heavily guarded, Hiccup tries to find another way to disable it. Toothless comes up with his own solution and that is to dive straight for the ballista and ramming it with enough force that it causes to fall over into the ocean.

Krogan overpowers Skullcrusher and he and his rider crash to the ground. Stoick tends to his battered dragon and then taunts Krogan to finish him off. Krogan fires a blast but gets misdirected when a plasma blast hits the singetail as Hiccup and Toothless arrives. Krogan is undeterred by their arrival as he is confident of their defeat. However, Stoick retorts that they're not alone. Dragon roars are heard as the wild dragons driven out earlier arrive and begin to overwhelm Krogan's remaining dragon flyers and hunters. The objects blocking the Great Hall's doors are blasted away, freeing the Riders. Krogan swears that their victory is temporary and the hunters will soon triumph, before withdrawing with the rest of his flyers. Stoick remarks that Johann has now started a war that is beyond his comprehension.

Afterwards, Stoick and Hiccup settle down Berk's food provisions that were "left over" by the three merchants at the Great Hall. Both father and son take this time to make amends from their heated arguments from yesterday. Stoick affirms to Hiccup that his achievements surpass beyond that of his father's and he has learned to always work together with his son rather than being left to their own devices. The Twins arrive carrying donated supplies from Dagur at Berserker island. They complain that the food they given is barely edible and difficult to chew. Stoick points out what they're chewing is actually willow bark. Tuffnut becomes upset since he had continuously been biting down willow bark, thinking it was just food flavored to taste like bark, causing Stoick and Hiccup laugh at their usual antics. Stoick is amazed at how Dagur is really turning out to be a changed and reliable ally and Hiccup teases that a lot has happened that made him that way. Stoick is all ears to hear out the story as the two walk out of the Great Hall while both father and son bond.


  • The title is a play on the phrase "All Bark and No Bite".
  • In the beginning Astrid references the first film where Hiccup pretended to be a great dragon slayer only for her to find out he had a dragon of his own.
  • Gobber is shown to have a hidden dagger inside of his peg leg, which Hiccup had made for him on his birthday.
  • This is the first time Hiccup genuinely fought and defended himself against his father's words.
  • This is the third time Stoick's choice of plans endangered the island. The first time is in "Alvin and the Outcasts" and the second time is in "Live and Let Fly".





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