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This is the list of memorable quotes of Nikora Stormheart. Feel free to add in more relevant and significant quotes.

School of Dragons

Harald tells me you are a warrior for Hiccup's army and you have his ear. Good. That will make this conversation efficient: my favorite word. [src]
If you cross me... I will not hesitate to crush you. [src]
I have a small gift for Hiccup and his friends; you can consider it a payment for the chaos the Triple Stryke caused within your home. The damage was... unintentional. [src]
I am Nikora Stormheart, the captain of this vessel. [src]
I have come to the Archipelago for new business opportunities. [src]
I have no doubt that you will get my message to Hiccup faithfully. Remember: our paths need not cross, for we look towards different goals on the horizon. [src]
Do not cross me and I will not consider you an enemy. [src]
The heirloom is a symbol of my people. it means nothing to you and everything to me. [src]
When last we spoke, I warned you not to cross me. It is a shame that you did not heed it. Do not test me again, or your friends will suffer. [src]
You have no options here. You cannot act before I send Fishlegs plummeting to his doom, and I will shoot your dragon with all my might should you try to help him. Do not be a fool; give me the heirloom and I will release Fishlegs. [src]
All of this heartache could have been avoided if you had not tried to cross me. [src]
There! I have released him. You might want to hurry and click on his last, gasping breaths before time runs out... [src]
'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' An old saying, but appropriate. The Warlords will not stop until they capture every dragon in the Archipelago. You must know that.
Hiccup and I may never be allies, but there can be a temporary peace between us. If we stop fighting, you'll have time to protect your treasured dragons. I can focus my wrath against a foe who has dared to challenge my strength in the Archipelago.
I hope that he has the will to do what must be done. [src]
Your reputation precedes you, dragon hunter. [src]
Your Warlords are spreading their influence deeper into the Archipelago. The further north you go, the more you will encroach into my lands. I do not take challenges lightly. [src]
I will not hesitate to rip you, piece by piece, if you oppose me. Your tamed beasts do not frighten a warrior like me. They are free to test me. They will not find easy prey in the storm. [src]
Grimmel, I hope — for your sake — that we will not be forced to cross swords. You would not like the result. [src]
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