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We were unloading the barrels from the ship when the Triple Stryke landed in the middle of the camp. She started attacking everything in sight! We got everyone clear, and luckily, she left Dragon's Edge chasing Thor knows what. The Triple Stryke is an aggressive species but I've never seen one act like this before. Something must be really wrong... We need to help her.

Nikora's Triple Stryke is a female dragon that appears in the expansion pack, "Rise of Stormheart" of the game, School of Dragons.



Somehow this dragon and her unhatched egg was captured by Nikora Stormheart. Stormheart gassed her with aerosolized Grimora venom on multiple occasions and sent her rampaging through Dragon's Edge. At one point, Dagur the Deranged arrives on Dragon's Edge, and helps chase her away. Unfortunately, a 'gift' Stormheart sends to Hiccup contains the Triple Stryke's egg.

Ultimately, the game player, Fishlegs, Heather, and others are able to devise a way to inject salt water into the dragon's system and free her from the Grimora venom.

Physical Appearance

This Triple Stryke has the same color patterns as Sleuther, with a golden yellow belly and a maroon red top.


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