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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Nikora's Seashocker is a Seashocker that appears in the game, School of Dragons, as part of the Expansion, "Wrath of Stormheart".


Short Journey to Vanaheim

Nikora's Seashocker is a mount for Nikora Stormheart. It carries her from The Tempest to the shores of Vanaheim to intercept the player as they resurface from the surrounding seas. Nikora gives the player an ultimatum — bring her the "artifact" and she will release Fishlegs. Nikora's Seashocker then takes Nikora back to The Tempest.

Riding into Battle

Nikora's Seashocker also transports her during battle at sea. Nikora is seen charging in front of her troops on the seas around Glacier Island against the Warlord camp there.

Physical Appearance

Nikora's Seashocker appears to be typical for its species — dark blue with lighter blue flecks over its body. Its belly is off-white. This Seashocker also wears what appears to be a leather harness. It is composed of collars around the neck of each head, with a strap in between them. Nikora holds on to this strap and stands at the juncture of the two heads.



  • As yet, it is unclear if Nikora's Seashocker is being controlled in some manner, or transporting Nikora willingly.
  • Nikora's Seashocker is the first Seashocker to appear in School of Dragons, though they have been mentioned previously.


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