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Wait. What are all these dragons doing here? Is this how this giant ship is able to travel so fast?

Nikora's Gronckles are Gronckles in Nikora Stormheart's possession in the game, School of Dragons.


Rise of Stormheart

The Tempest appears in the Barbaric Archipelago along with its captain, Nikora Stormheart. The vessel is massive, yet fast. While aboard this ship to meet Nikora, the player may have encountered two to three Moldruffles, as well as this Titan Wing Gronckle, on a sub-deck of the ship. The dragons are clustered around a giant metallic furnace of some sort with hot fire and/or lava underneath.

Wrath of Stormheart

The captive Gronckle and Moldruffles appear again on The Tempest in the same spots when the player and Snotlout sneak aboard to rescue Skulder the Archaeologist and Fishlegs.

Snotlout then asks the player to remove the chains on the dragons (focusing on a Moldruffle). Free of chains, they do nothing.

Physical Appearance

The Gronckle in Nikora's possession is a Titan Wing, possessing many more spikes and protrusions than a Broad Wing Gronckle. It is dark blue-purple in color with lighter blue markings, mimicking cooling molten rock.


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