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Our boss values his privacy and his punishment for loose lips is worse than anything you can do.
  — Speaking to Scribbler  

Nicardo is a minor character appearing in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.


Working for a Pale Poacher

While on assignment for the 'pale poacher' on Havenholme with his partner, Meldoy, Nicardo throws a smoke screen and steals a strange dragon egg. He is perused by the amnesiac boy, Scribbler. Scribbler catches up to them and trips their cage trap. While he and Meldoy interrogate the boy on the whereabouts of a Titan Wing dragon, the strange dragon egg explosively hatches, stunning them and destroying the cage. Scribbler tries to get answers from them, but Nicardo says his boss would kill him if he said anything. Scribbler and the two Dragon Trappers agree to part ways.

Physical Appearance

Nicardo is an adult male Viking with a simple brown - possibly leather - tunic. He has a trimmed brown beard and mustache, and wears a galea-style helmet with two simple curved horns that are cut off at the ends. There is a smaller, third horn at the top.

Nicardo looks identical to the Dragon Trapper Benhose.



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