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Our tribe has been waiting generations for our Great Protector to have an heir. And now, it has finally happened. [src]
  — Mala  

The New Protector is the offspring of the Great Protector who first appeared in "Shell Shocked, Part 1".

Official Description

The Protector of the Island of the Defenders of the Wing laid only one egg in its life. In order for that egg to be properly incubated, it was necessary to enlist the help of the Riders of Berk to implant the egg deep in the tunnels beneath the active volcano that dominates the landscape of that island. Without a constant bath of lava, the egg ran the risk of petrifying before hatching, which would have been disastrous to the entire community of the Caldera Cay.

The laying of an egg is the first sign that an aging Eruptodon is reaching the end of its tenure. Soon after the New Protector hatched from his egg, his Mother began her decline. When the volcano threatened the village of the Defenders and the New Protector outperformed his mother in saving the day, She knew it was time for retirement.

A moment for celebration, the Protector prepared for her final flight towards Vanaheim to retire with honor. The New Protector took up the mantle of responsibility, and immediately got started eating the lava that would otherwise obliterate the village. He took to this task as though born to it and who can blame him? If your only task in life is to eat that which you find delicious, it is difficult to complain.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  



He must be protected and must keep his hunger satiated. He's too young and frail to survive. [src]

The Eruptodon was first seen as as egg in "Out of the Frying Pan", after being laid by its aging mother. Unable to find the strength to carry the egg to the ceremonial site inside the volcano, Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Mala take on the task of getting it to the life giving lava before the egg petrifies and dies. With the help of Fire Terrors, the egg reaches its ceremonial site just in time, and is seen with a heartbeat inside as the lava enfolds it.

A few weeks after hatching, the baby is seen with its mother in "Shell Shocked, Part 1", eating the lava from their home volcano. With the attack from the Shellfire, Mala asks Fishlegs to take the young dragon somewhere safe. So he takes it with him back to Dragon's Edge.

But when the Edge is also attacked in "Shell Shocked, Part 2", Hiccup instructs Fishlegs to take the baby to the center of the island, thinking it would be the safest place from the Shellfire. But the local volcano starts waking up with the Shellfire blasts, threatening their safety again. So Fishlegs has the baby eat the lava, while Meatlug guards it, and Fishlegs guards Meatlug.

Becoming the new Great Protector

Oh, praise the Ancients. The new Protector has saved us all. [src]
  — A Defender of the Wing man  

In "A Matter of Perspective", its mother is old and slow moving, and unable to reach the village in time to save some of the houses from the overflowing lava. So the New Protector, now a full-grown adult, is beginning to take over. The two dragons exchange an understanding that it's time for the roles to be passed on to the next generation and the older one to retire to Vanaheim. With that, the offspring takes over as the new Great Protector for the Defenders of the Wing.

The New Protector makes a brief appearance in "The Wings of War, Part 1", when he is seen bathing in a lava pool. Tuffnut then wanted to wrestle him, only to be interrupted by an attack of the Dragon Flyers.

Aiding the King of Dragons

The New Protector was briefly seen during the final fight in "King of Dragons, Part 2", when he came along with thousands of wild dragons to help the Berserker Bewilderbeast fight off Johann and Krogan's forces.

Physical Appearance

The New Protector has the same appearance and coloration as his mother. He has lava-colored skin covered by stone grey plates. He has yellow eyes.


As a baby, the New Protector is very active and playful. He is also quite intelligent, as he knew he could save Dragon's Edge by eating the lava from the volcano.

As an adult, the New Protector becomes less active and more respectful towards his mother and the Defender of the Wing. He also likes to take baths in pools of lava.


Great Protector

The New Protector has a very close relationship with his mother. She was concerned more about her son's safety than herself when Viggo's Shellfire attacked Caldera Cay.

The New Protector was shown to have great respect for his mother's position in the Defender of the Wing tribe, often helping her with their job. He was very saddened when the Great Protector passed her role to him, as he knew that meant she was going to die soon. He witnessed her departure for Vanaheim and nudged her one last time before she took flight.

Fishlegs Ingerman

The New Protector and Fishlegs became good friends ever since they first met. The boy brought him to Dragon's Edge when he was a baby, in order to protect him from the Dragon Hunters. Fishlegs never let the Eruptodon out of his sight, carrying him in his hands all the time.

When the Shellfire's attacks woke up the dormant volcano, the New Protector wanted to help and pointed in the direction of lava flowing. Fishlegs understood the message and took the baby closer to the volcano, where he began eating lava. Fishlegs and Meatlug defended the Eruptodon while he was eating.


Meatlug is like a second mother to the New Protector. She played with him and fed him with her lava several times. While the baby Eruptodon ate lava from the volcano on Dragon's Edge in order to save the island, Meatlug protected him from the Shellfire's attacks.


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