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Narwhals are large aquatic mammals that appear in the game School of Dragons.


The narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is a whale species most widely known for the tusk that males have sprouting from their muzzles. The tusk originates from a canine tooth. Occasionally, an individual will be found with two tusks. Narwhals are speckled with black-brown markings over a white base, allowing them to blend in well with their icy sea environment. The older an individual gets, the whiter they may become. Narwhals can live up to 50 years. They live only in Arctic waters across the Arctic circle.


The narwhal, thus far, is not seen having a use for the Vikings of the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise. However, in reality, the narwhal as with other whales and arctic mammals have been hunted for food, their highly prized blubber, hides, and of course, their "unicorn" horn which is actually a long tooth.



School of Dragons

These are narwhals, a type of whale, also known as "the unicorns of the sea". Male narwhals have an ivory tusk that grows out of their upper lip like a unicorn horn. They use it to establish a social hierarchy within their pods. All narwhals have thick layers of blubber to store energy, keep warm, and help them float.
  — Hiccup describing the Narwhals  

During regular gameplay, a pod of narwhals can be seen swimming around at the location "Explore the Sea".

During the Icestorm Island Expansion, in the quest "Surveying the Night Sky", Skulder the Archaeologist sees movement in the water and thinks that it might be a dangerous sea dragon and sends the player to investigate. The player discovers actually a pod of narwhals and Hiccup comes with the idea to give the Archaeologist a telescope so he could see friends or foes next time.

These animals don't look like they're gonna harm us! They look like they're charming creatures.
  — Hiccup seeing the Narwhals  

In the quest "Unicorns of the Sea", Snotlout sees some strange creatures in the ocean and fears that there could be a sea monster. Hiccup tells the player to fly there and investigate. The "sea monsters" are actually narwhals.

Narwhals also appear in a non-expansion Quest, "Sentry Point" (which also involves Snotlout), where the player is asked to look at the Narwhals off the coast of Snotlout's Sentry Station.

In the Flight Club Activity, Stormfly's special lessons take the player to an icy area (presumably around Berk) with many narwhals in the sea. These appear to be scaled up from other narwhals seen elsewhere in the game.

Narwhals are also seen at Impossible Island during the "Wrath of Stormheart" Expansion. Lumie, the Luminous Krayfin residing there, befriends a small pod.



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