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Actually, Nadia will join me. She has the diplomatic skills necessary. [src]

Nadia is a Wingmaiden that was first introduced in "Chain of Command".


Chosen to go to a Meeting

When Atali was summoned to a meeting on Caldera Cay in "Chain of Command", she chooses Nadia to come with her due to her diplomatic skills, much to Minden's annoyance. However, before the two of them could leave, Wingmaiden Island was attacked by the Dragon Flyers. Nadia was seen helping in the defense of the island.

Other Sightings

A blonde Wingmaiden is seen stirring the stew pot intended to cook up Snotlout in the episode, "Snotlout's Angels", in Race to the Edge, Season 5. Though not named specifically, this character may be the first appearance of Nadia.

Although not clear, it is presumed that Nadia also appeared other episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. She may have appeared in "Ruff Transition" while taking care of the new hatchlings and fighting Krogan and his Flyers. She may also have appeared in "King of Dragons, Part 2" in the final battle on Berserker Island.

Physical Appearance

Nadia is of the typical Wingmaiden build — slightly stocky and square-jawed. She had a brown toned skin complexion and dark blonde hair, kept pulled back. Nadia's features are thick, brusque and dark, with thick eyebrows and a heavy set mouth. She wears the standard Wingmaiden armor dress and carries a spear.


  • Nadia seems to be a remodelled version of Minden, just with blonde hair.



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