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The Musk Ox is an animal briefly mentioned in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


Musk oxen (Ovibos moschatus) belong to the Family Bovidae. They are large arctic mammals, closely related to sheep and goats. They are known for the musky odor the males use to attract females during the mating season, which is where the name 'musk ox' came from.

A musk ox's diet consists mostly of Arctic Willows. However, a musk ox may also eat Grass, lichen, Moss, and woody plants. They usually stay near rivers in order to find food.


There is currently no function for the musk ox in the Franchise, nor in real life.



School of Dragons

During the Battle for the Edge expansion pack, Astrid mentions musk oxen while describing animal behavior.

Cooperative pack behavior is how some animals and mammals survive. Musk Oxen and elephants will circle around their young to form a defensive barrier. Dolphins will travel in shoals to defend the group from shark attacks.
  — Astrid  


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