The Murderous Tribe is an infamous Tribe that was feared throughout the Barbaric Archipelago. They were located on Murderous Island before the Second Dragon War, it is presumed they returned there after it's end.


In How to Ride a Dragon's Storm, it was mentioned around a hundred years before the book series, Murderous the Magnificent challenged the Hairy Hooligan Tribe Chief, Grimbeard the Ghastly to a swimming race. The winner had to be the one who returned to shore the last. The victory prize would be one of the two men becoming King of the Wilderwest and one favor. At first it seemed Muderous was the winner, who had returned after three days. Though that later changed because Grimbeard returned three months, five days, and six hours from their departure. At first Murerous and his men didn't recognize Grimbeard due to the fact that he badly wrinkled from the ocean, but then saw the Stormblade sheathed on the man's belt. Grimbeard then became King of the Archipelago and had Murderous sacrificed to the Sky Dragon.

The tribe, or at least most of it, joined Alvin the Treacherous (Books) and his Alvinsmen.

Tribe Members


  • The members of the tribe have a particularly foul odor due to their diet which commonly included month old haddock stuffed with eggs and pickles and enormous amounts of beer.


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