Mudraker Island was introduced in the game, School of Dragons, in the release of the Expansion "Battle for the Edge".


Mudraker Island is meant to appear swampy and boggy. It has low-slung mountains and flat areas. A large waterfall appears out of the rocks as its center, cascading into a large pond. There are many leafless trees with greenery hanging from them. It is unclear if these are meant to be vines, moss, or algae of some sort, or something else entirely.

The soundtrack for the island has the sounds of frogs and crickets and other insects.

Skulder the Archaeologist has set up camp on this island to study ruins, however, none are visible to the player. However, a Viking artifact dug up by Muddie can be seen on the island.



School of Dragons

In the expansion, "Battle for the Edge", the player must journey to Mudraker Island to help Skulder, who has set up camp there. He is having trouble with the local wild Mudraker (whom he later names Muddie) messing up his camp site. The player is involved with several quests helping Skulder learn about Muddie and train him.

Mudraker Island is also mentioned in the Stable Quest, "Beached", in which the player must send a healing dragon to aid a whale beached on the island.

Mudraker Island also features in the School of Dragons expansion "Wrath of Stormheart". Nikora Stormheart's soldiers attack the island as a diversion while she takes over Auction Island.



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