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The Mudraker has special sense receptors to react to vibrations! The Mudraker can escape stealthy predators because of his ability to react to vibrations.
  Fishlegs, describing the Mudraker  

The Mudraker is a medium-sized Tracker Class dragon that first appeared in School of Dragons.

Official Description

This dragon is vastly more comfortable in the water than the air or ground. Its build and abilities allow it to thrive in both the shallows and deep ends of bodies of water.
Mudrakers love being in water, and while they have a fierce appearance and the behavior of a deadly alligator, these dragons are actually very playful and fun to be around! Mudrakers enjoy having fun, especially in the water, and are known to push Vikings into the water or splash mud on their trainers! But if Vikings need to relax with these dragons after all the fun in the water they can! Mudrakers love to bask in the warmth of the sun while lazily floating in the water!
Even though these dragons are not naturally designed predators, they have unique skills that let them command the swamps. They can use sonic blasts as a strong weapon that travels through water at intense speeds, creating massive and powerful waves. Mudrakers can also use echolocation through sound-waves to find friends and foes deep within the dark crevices of the marshes and their thick hides give them a lot of protection from other deadly animals that lurk in the water.
  School of Dragons  

Physical Appearance


Mudraker egg.png

Mudraker eggs are greenish and somewhat cyan in color. They have numerous irregularly-shaped brown splotches on it, making the egg resemble a milk cow.

Hatchling to Adult

The Mudraker has a green body that blends in well with its swampy, algae-filled environment. It has a ridge on its upper jaw and a sail on its back, similar to a Thunderclaw. The two thin horns jut out from the side of its head resembles that of a Snafflefang. Also, its wings have brownish spot-like patterns. Like the Hideous Zippleback, the Mudraker has a double-split tail.



The Mudraker uses sound waves for echolocation. They use this ability to locate and track down objects underwater. This ability is extremely efficient as it can track objects deep underwater in within dark and narrow openings and crevices of the marshes. This is exceptionally useful in their swampy habitat and they can use this to find friends for help, locate enemies or find food.

Sonic Blasts

Like the Thunderdrum, the Mudraker produces sonic blasts that travel at intense speeds through water. This causes massive and powerful waves. With this ability, Mudrakers are said to 'command the swamps'. These blasts appear as concentric rings of blue.

Thick Hide

The Mudraker has a thick and tough hide that provides protection.

Sense Receptors

In the School of Dragons expansion, "Battle for the Edge", it is stated that Mudrakers have special sense receptors that can feel vibrations, similarly to the pressure sensors on the tip of a crocodile's snout. This helps it more easily move around in its murky, swampy environment.

Behavior and Personality

Mudrakers are known to be fun loving, playful dragons. Mudrakers enjoy having fun, especially in the water, and are playful towards trainers. They sometimes push Vikings into the water or splash mud on them. Mudrakers are happy-go-lucky, lazy and love to relax. Mudrakers love to bask in the warmth of the sun while lazily floating in the water.



School of Dragons

Main article: Muddie

The Mudraker is the second dragon to make its first appearance in School of Dragons, the first being the Moldruffle. There is a male Mudraker called Muddie in the game owned by Skulder.


  • Despite being a Tracker Class dragon, the Mudraker's abilities and behavior seem to hint more towards it being in the Tidal Class.
  • The Mudraker's behaviour is very similar to that of the Marsh Tiger from the book series.


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