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Oh, I named him Muddie. It might not be an appropriate name for a dragon, but it seems to suit him. [src]
  — Skulder  

Muddie is a male Mudraker that Skulder the Archaeologist trains in School of Dragons during the events of the 'Battle for the Edge' expansion pack.


Tamed by Skulder

I think that he is a "Mudraker". The name certainly suits him. He almost never comes out of the mud. In fact, this is the most I've ever seen of him so far. He's usually much more secretive. [src]
  — Skulder  

When the player meets the Archaeologist on Mudraker Island, a lone Mudraker has taken an interest in him. The Archaeologist decides to train the dragon and names him Muddie. However, the dragon covers his dig site in mud and takes his pickaxe. While he is mad at first, the Archaeologist soon realizes that Muddie was just playing. To help calm Muddie down, the player brings Bing, Bam, and Boom to play with him, but only causes ruckus. The Archaeologist doesn't get mad though, and expects the dragons will tire out.

Muddie is mentioned in "Secret of the Leviathan", where the Archaeologist states that he has been training with Muddie to learn how to fly dragons, which allows him to fly Phlegma's Snaptrapper, Snappy.

Attacked by Nikora's Forces

In the "Wrath of Stormheart" expansion, Muddie is forced to defend his island when Nikora Stormheart's forces attack Mudraker island. The player arrives and fends off some soldiers who are menacing Muddie and Skulder. Though stressed and anxious Muddie makes it through unscathed.

Work on Nepenthe

In Dragonvine, Skulder mentions that he and Muddie had started an archaeological dig site on Nepenthe. While there, the two uncovered another Silkspanner on the island. Skulder later related these events to Fishlegs and Valka.

Trip to the Hidden World

After Tuffnut Thorston rolled the Hobgobblers he and Ruffnut Thorston had brought to New Berk as a prank into a cave that, unknown to the Twins, led to an entrance to the Hidden World, Skulder and Muddie joined the player and their dragon on a trip into the ancestral dragon home in an attempt to follow them. Skulder rode Muddie throughout the Hidden World in order to observe various natural features, such as stalagmites and coral, in the area.

Physical Appearance

Muddie is a dark blue Mudraker with several dark green spot on his sail and wings.


Muddie is an extremely energetic dragon, who likes to play with both humans and dragons. He is friendly towards humans, yet he is also quite shy, keeping his distance from those who haven't earned his trust. After being tamed by Skulder, Muddie quickly accepted a rider on his back and responded positively to the archaeologist's training.


  • Sonic blasts: Like any member of his species, Muddie is able to create sonic blasts that can travel through water at high speed.
  • Sense receptors: As a Mudracker, Muddie is able to sense vibrations in the water around him. He used this ability to detect the player approaching him and quickly retreated into deeper water.



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