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Mrs. Larson is the mother of Gustav Larson. She first appears in "Gem of a Different Color".


Trading Her Son

Mrs. Larson tries to give Fishlegs her first born son, Gustav, in the frenzy to acquire the 'Stone of Good Fortune', which is actually a Changewing egg. Later, she gave him to Snotlout in exchange for the stone. Snotlout puts him to work. Of course, she seems to regret her actions later on in the episode, when the Changewings attack, worried for her son's life.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Larson is a stout woman with dark brown hair in two braids, which fall over her shoulders.

Her character body is the same as many of the background Viking females seen in the TV series.


Mrs. Larson is shown to not be the best mother. She quickly traded her son for a supposed good luck charm and didn't realise that Gustav disappeared for three days.



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