Mrs. Borgomon is a mother appearing in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Living with Dragons in Town

Mrs. Borgomon asks the Rescue Riders for help searching for her young son, Finngard, in "Where There's Smoke". He goes missing multiple times a week, just so he can get dragon rides. Mrs. Borgomon does not want to accept that explanation, however. She is so thankful for them finding her son, that she gives Cutter a kiss on the cheek.

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Physical Appearance

Mrs. Borgomon is a stout woman in her prime with bright blonde hair pulled back in a bun, away from her icy grey-blue eyes. She wears a simple dusty rose shift belted with rope, and leggings underneath.


Mrs. Borgomon seems to be a very open and trusting individual. She also seems to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially her young son, Finngard.


Her Son

Mrs. Borgomon loves her son dearly, and worries non-stop when he is not within eyesight. She believes he is a good little boy, and overlooks his mischief, such as getting lost just so the dragons can find him and give him a ride.

Rescue Riders

Despite initial misgivings of having dragons in town, Mrs. Borgomon has no qualms asking the Rescue Riders for help finding her son on multiple occasions. She even thanks the dragons themselves, kissing Cutter on the cheek and hoping he understands her appreciation.



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