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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Mother Singetail is a female Singetail who first appeared in "Family Matters".


Early Life

Before appearing in the episode "Family Matters", the Mother Singetail was captured by the Dragon Flyers and used as a mount. She also bred and laid an egg.

Freed by the Dragon Riders

While being flown against her will against the Dragon Riders, she was about to fire upon Hiccup and Astrid as instructed by her rider, when Fishlegs and Meatlug rammed a series of trees to fall upon them and saving the two. The large tree falls upon the Mother Singetail and knocks her unconscious. The Riders discover remnants of Death Song amber on her sides. The Riders leave to investigate the source of amber, while Fishlegs takes the Mother Singetail back to Dragon's Edge to nurse her back to health.

Once the Mother Singetail awakes, Fishlegs tries to calm her and establish a connection. He offers her a Sagefruit, which she takes, but immediately regurgitates it in Fishlegs' face. She is very agitated and wants to leave, so Fishlegs lets her go. He follows her to make sure she's okay and discovers that she has returned to her captors on an Unnamed Island. She enters into a cave, moves past some Dragon Hunters, and arrives at a cavern filled with Singetail eggs. She moves to a yellowish-green egg and cuddles it to her.

Physical Appearance

The Mother Singetail is a lime-tinted yellow base with darker green spots on her body. She has greenish-brown socks on her legs and a grey-tipped muzzle.



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