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Mother's Day is an annual holiday which is celebrated on the Isle of Berk.

Official Description

Until recently, Valka considered Mother's Day as a deeply somber time of year. For two decades, she marked the occasion with intense longing for the family she had to leave behind to fulfill her mission. Torn from the cradle-side of her one natural child, she simply could not return to Berk to be with her family.
As her Dragon community grew, and human contact became a distant memory, she began to see herself as a mother to the animals she cared for. Each one of them had special needs and considerations that she learned to meet and feed over the years. But deep inside her was a yearning for her own child, Hiccup.
Cloudjumper could sense this cavity in his companion’s heart, and did his best to fill it in his own way, but a boy shaped hole simply can not be filled with a Dragon shaped peg. Valka cared for her Dragon as best as she could, and for the most part, was quite happy with her Dragon family. Something came alive for her when she found her son, though.
Knowing that she could work together with her born son to save her Dragon family brought her a higher level of satisfaction than she’d ever experienced with the Dragons alone. Her time in the wilderness ended the moment she reunited with Hiccup and Stoick, and from that day, Mother’s Day has been a day to celebrate.
But just because she’s reunited with her humans, doesn’t mean she’s forgotten the special place her Dragon Children have in her heart. On Mother’s Day, Cloudjumper dresses in matching colors to Valka, and waits for Hiccup to shower them both with gifts of gratitude for the years the Dragon kept Hiccup’s mother alive.
  — Mother's Day Cloudjumper in Dragons: Titan Uprising  



Dragons: Titan Uprising

Mother's Day celebrations began at some point before Valka was carried away by Cloudjumper. Up until her return to Berk, Valka did not celebrate Mother's Day, as, for her, it was a great time of sorrow due to her being snatched away from her family. However, upon her return and reunion with her son, Valka resumed celebrating the holiday, now accompanied by her dragon, Cloudjumper.


Gift Giving

During Mother's Day, Berkians gift their mothers various gifts of gratitude for all that they've done for them. Some dragons, such as Cloudjumper, also receive gifts during this time in gratitude for helping keep Berkian mothers safe.

Dragon Painting

During Mother's Day, Cloudjumper paints himself in similar colors to those of the riding outfit of his rider, Valka.


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