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Moths are, thus far, only mentioned in the defunct iOS game, Flight of the Night Fury.


Moths, along with Butterflies, make up the Order Lepidoptera. Butterflies form a single sub-grouping within the Order, whereas moths form several loosely related sub-groupings. Evolutionarily, moth pre-date butterflies in the fossil record. They are very similar in appearance to butterflies, but are actually much more diverse in behavior, habitat, and physiology.

Though there are many, many exceptions, moths can generally be distinguished by a tendency to duller coloration, nocturnal activity, stouter build, and complex antennae (as opposed to a butterfly's single antennae with a barbell at the end).


"Fire moths" and "Saber moths" are collectible items in the game, Flight of the Night Fury. Why and where is unknown, due to the game no longer being available.

In reality, moths have many uses to humans. Some species are eaten in different cultures, and the silkworm is a species of moth (Bombyx mori). Moths are also significant as pollinators, just like butterflies. However, both adults and larva (caterpillars) can also be major agricultural and food pests.



Flight of the Night Fury

Two types of moths - 'fire moths' and 'saber moths' appear in the game as items for Hiccup and Toothless to collect to complete tasks.


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