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Moles are small mammals mentioned in the mini-comic, "Litter Sitter".


Moles are small tubular animals belonging to the Family Talpidae. Generally, moles have strong, large forepaws for digging, a dark fur color, and very poorly developed eyes. They spend most of their lives underground eating insects, worms, and plant matter. Moles mostly live in the Northern Hemisphere - Europe, North America, and Asia.


In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, moles are mentioned as a food item. In reality, while moles can be eaten, their meat is said to not taste good.

Moles were killed enmasse for their pelts, which are very soft. They are also an agricultural pest.


"Litter Sitter"

Heek! My mole pie - he's ate the lot!
  — Hooligan woman  

When Snotlout Jorgenson is charged with babysitting a group of twelve Tiny Tooth Monstrous Nightmares, the babies run amok and get into everything in the village. One of the babies eats up a mole pie a woman placed out on her windowsill to cool.


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