Minden: "My judgment isn't the best. I've proven that these past hours."
Atali: "Nonsense. Are you overeager? Yes. Reckless? Yes. But so was I. You're a Wingmaiden. And your resolve will make you a great leader someday."[src]

Minden is one of the Wingmaidens and Atali's second-in-command.


Visitors to Wingmaiden Island

The man has escaped. Someone set him free. [src]
  — Minden  

In "Snotlout's Angels", Minden is one of the women tasked with caring for an unexpected male guest to their island - Snotlout Jorgenson. After dealing with the arrival of the other Dragon Riders, Snotlout's escape, and trouble at the Razorwhip nests, Minden is able to sit down around a fire with the Wingmaiden's new allies.

Trying to Prove Herself

What if this is my chance? What if this is my moment to prove her wrong, to prove that I can handle things on my own? [src]
  — Minden  

In "Chain of Command", Snotlout tells her when she starts to doubt herself. As a thank you for his support and friendship, she gives him a kiss on the lips.

Physical Appearance

Minden appears to be a young woman, sporting auburn hair tied back in a ponytail, and large aqua eyes. She and her fellow Wingmaidens are described as "native", though it is ambiguous what this means. She has a quiet demeanor and a square jaw, and like all Wingmaidens, she has a beauty of her own.  She even wears the standard Wingmaiden armor dress and carries a spear.


Like the other Wingmaidens, she is respectful towards the others. She was annoyed by Snotlout's behaviour and played a role in his capture. Later on, she comes to understand and befriend Snotlout, trusting his judgement.

It is revealed that Minden has always wanted to prove her worth to Atali, to show that she is a leader material. When she realized that she has made reckless decisions, she feels ashamed and that she is not worthy to become a Wingmaiden. It takes an encouragement from Snotlout to help herself in getting back on her feet and to do the right thing.



As her leader, Minden is respectful towards Atali. She wants to prove herself to her, much like how Snotlout wants to prove himself to Hiccup. She fears failing her leader and does whatever it takes to impress her.

Snotlout Jorgenson

Snotlout: "Haha, that’s my girl!"
Minden: "Haha, hey, that’s Wingmaiden to you, Snotlout!"[src]

At first, Minden didn't like Snotlout very much due to his unacceptable behavior to women, but later on in "Chain of Command" after spending some time together, she did gain a slight romantic interest in Snotlout which resulted in a kiss between the two. Later in the season, Snotlout calls Minden "his girl", displaying a similar romantic interest in her.


Who is this Fishface he speaks of? [src]
Everyone. Together, under my guidance, we will stop this fire. [src]
When a Razorwhip falls in battle, we pay homage to them. It's said that the spirits of fallen dragons haunt this shrine. If you listen closely, you can even hear their calls.
I have failed, Snotlout. I have failed Atali, and I have failed my tribe.
I'm sorry little one. I am no longer worthy of the responsibility. I have dishonored you. You were right, Snotlout. It is pointless to try. I shall be a Wingmaiden no more.
Wow, Snotlout. I've never been spoken to like that.



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