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The Great Hall! So many memories. My three weddings, their three funerals. Oh, the funerals!
  — Mildew in "In Dragons We Trust"  

Mildew's Wives are three characters mentioned by Mildew in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode "In Dragons We Trust".


Life and Death with Mildew

At some point, Mildew met and married an unnamed woman. She later died of unknown causes. Mildew married a second woman, who also died. Finally he married a third woman who also passed away. Each marriage and funeral took place on Berk in the Great Hall.

Physical Appearance

Each of Mildew's Wives appears to be large, robust Viking women with red to brown hair. Eye color is brown, a hazel or yellowish color, and green, respectively.



Based on Mildew's behavior in "In Dragons We Trust", the relationship between him and each of his wives was rocky. Mildew seems to have enjoyed their funerals more than his marriage ceremonies with them. He also seems to hold a grudge against all three even though they are deceased.

I'm home, ladies! What's that you say...? Nothing? Perfect.
  — Mildew while looking at his wives' portraits  



  • Mildew does have his three wives' portraits hanging on the wall together, but he also includes a portrait of his pet sheep Fungus amongst them.


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