Mildew: "It's the dragons again. Those demons are not fit to live among civilized men."
Gobber: "Neither are you, Mildew. Why do you think we built your house so far outside of town?"
  — "How to Start a Dragon Academy"  

Mildew's House is the residence of a cranky Hairy Hooligan Tribe member named Mildew, and first appears in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode, "How to Start a Dragon Academy".



Mildew's House does not appear to be partitioned into rooms in the interior. It has a flat-topped stone serving as a bed, with a hollow underneath as a space for Fungus to sleep. There are various things hanging from the rafters and walls including various unused weaponry and dragon body parts. He also has a mural of a dragon killing on the wall, as well as portraits of his three deceased wives, and one of Fungus.


Mildew's House is situated up against the rock on the back side of the Great Hall's spire. It is a simple design with a severely sloped roof like most of Berk's homes, and adorned with a dragon head reminiscent of a Deadly Nadder at its entrance. There is also a ramp leading up to the door. In front of it is a field used solely for Cabbage. The roof is fairly unkempt and has Ivy growing on it.



Mildew's House serves as shelter and residence for Mildew and Fungus, protecting them from the outside elements.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

Mildew's House makes its debut appearance in "How to Start a Dragon Academy". During this episode, untrained dragons put a hole in the roof and destroy Mildew's Cabbage field.

Later, Snotlout and Hookfang crash through the roof in "In Dragons We Trust". As Hiccup repairs the damage, he discovers Mildew has Zippleback Boots and a Monstrous Nightmare Claw Stick in his house, which he used to frame the dragons and get them banished from Berk.



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