Ewww. You feed your dragons... dragons?

Miasmic Deathgrippers are a group of Deathgrippers appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

One of the chief reasons for the Miasmic Deathgrippers' rarity in comparison to other Deathgrippers is its cannibalistic nature. Although thousands of eggs are laid in a single nest, very few of the resulting dragons will make it to adulthood. Once they emerge from their eggs, baby Miasmic Deathgrippers will be so focused on food they will turn to the most readily available source of sustenance: each other. After the frenzy of eating is complete, only a handful of Miasmic Deathgrippers will remain, and then only if they manage to get away from each other. For this reason, the Miasmic Deathgripper is a solitary animal, never seen in the herds that characterize other species of Deathgrippers.

Once this juvenile stage is over, the Miasmic Deathgripper gives up this behavior except on rare romantic occasions, where female Miasmic Deathgrippers will eat their mates in order to ensure their eggs will mature faster.
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Physical Appearance

Miasmic Deathgrippers are very similar in appearance to Marshland Deathgrippers. They have a black carapaced body with a wine purple underside, areas around their eyes, and wing fins. Their eyes are canary yellow.

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  • The behavior of Miasmic Deathgripper females eating their mates in order to ensure their eggs' survival is a reference to a similar behavior in praying mantises. Female mantises eat the heads of their mates after mating in order to provide additional nutrients for their developing eggs.



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