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Meltwater Kryal is a male Catastrophic Quaken that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The Meltwater Kryal has been frozen in a glacier for the last fourteen thousand years. He represents the very last of an earlier proto-species of Catastrophic Quaken that had their heyday sometime prior to the last ice age. Being a cold-blooded species, like most Dragons, as the inclement weather moved in, the Meltwater Kryal’s metabolism began to slow down until he was covered in snow, then subsequently buried in a wall of ice.

Gradually, over a period of thousands of years, the glaciers began to melt as global temperatures rose to the average we have today. A lonely Yak, licking rhime from the edge of a melting glacier gradually exposed a patch of spike ridden skin. Once exposed, the flesh of the Meltwater Kryal began to gain lividity until his body started generating heat again. His metabolism quickened, stoking the power of his internal fire. Frostbitten and raw, He slowly emerged from the melting ice, leaving a torrent of glacier water rushing downstream in his wake. The Meltwater Kryal returned to a world that was completely foreign to him. All his friends and family were lost to time, and his habitat was completely changed. Confused and bewildered, he was homeless and lost.

He is more vicious and powerful than his modern contemporaries, but is in desperate need of friends. When he went into the glacier, mammals were no more complex than rodents. Now there are people. He still doesn’t understand them, but with the right attitude, and a healthy dose of patience, the Meltwater Kryal can be tamed.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Meltwater Kryal is purple, with deep blue spots all over his body. He has bright orange eyes.

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