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Melodia is a female Songwing who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing.


Hypnotizing Huttsgalor

Physical Appearance

Melodia is a very colorful dragon, her wings having green, pink, purple, yellow and orange markings, while the rest of her body consists of similar colors. She has a crest coming out of her head made mostly up of yellow, purple, pink and orange scales. Melodia has a tail ending in a flat, fan shaped fin, with the same color pattern as her wings.


Melodia is a passionate singer and music lover, greatly enjoying singing, especially in groups rather than alone. She loves to make a harmony of song with numerous voices and encourage her "Melodians" to sing together with her.

When she was introduced, she displayed a selfish side in using her hypnotic singing to force dragons and even humans to sing with her and enjoy her company to the point of refusing to leave her.

This is because Melodia was actually lonely and she never meant to cause trouble. Songwings normally live in pairs, referring to each other as Songmates, and Melodia had lost her Songmate, Cantata, and her failure to find her drove Melodia to her misdeeds.

After Leyla used her own singing to undo Melodia's hypnosis over Huttsgalor, she was humbled that the Rescue Riders still wanted to help her and was overjoyed when their help successfully reunited her with Cantata.

Abilities and Skills

Hypnotic Song: Melodia's song can hypnotize other dragons. Unlike the rest of her kind, who use their voice to calm their enemies from attacking them, Melodia uses her song to make other dragons sing with her. 

Refracting Wings: Melodia refract sunlight through her scales, creating light of the same colors as her wings.



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