Mechano-Dragon is a mechanical dragon that Magnus Finke made in Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2.


Construction of the Mechano-Dragon began in the episode "Divewings". Magnus Finke gathered various components and tools from the village of Huttsgalor, with the help of Axel. Magnus started working on the machine, but was constantly interrupted by the Rescue Riders, who were keeping an eye on him.

In "Mecha-Menace", Magnus finished construction on the Mechano-Dragon and made Axel test it out. He later brought it to the village, where he revealed it to the townsfolk. Axel demonstrated the abilities of the machine by preparing the town for the Spring Festival. Axel then used the Mechano-Dragon in a seed planting competition against Leyla and Summer. Because Axel was pushing the machine harder than it could work, it began to break down and it soon spiraled out of control. The Mechano-Dragon flew chaotic through the village, threatening the people, until Winger knocked it off its course. The machine continued to fly away from Huttsgalor, but returned one last time and destroyed the Luck Lanterns.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Magnus built a second Mechano-Dragon, which he reinforced with Belzium, and made it specifically for rescuing. However, no one was in danger at the moment, so Magnus couldn't test his invention. Later, the Rescue Riders asked Magnus to use the Mechano-Dragon to rescue Aggro from Volcano Island. Axel piloted the machine into the volcano and grabbed Aggro, but just as they were about to fly out, the non-Belzium part of the dragon began to snap. The machine eventually broke into pieces, much to Magnus' despair. He took whatever pieces he could carry and told Axel to make a boat out of them so that the two could return to Huttsgalor.

In "Charged Up", Magnus built yet another Mechano-Dragon, capable of shooting fire, water, rocks, and spikes. Axel piloted it in front of the townspeople, receiving numerous applauses. Axel then took the machine to Boiling Springs Valley, where it raced against Aggro in a competition to save the Elbone Doll. The Mechano-Dragon won, due to being able to withstand the geysers thanks to its Belzium hide. At the command of Magnus, Axel attempted to knock over a rock wall to block the entrance to Boiling Springs Valley, but failed, as the Mechano-Dragon didn't have powerful blasts. Later that night, Magnus adjusted the Mechano-Dragon so that it could absorb lightning and blast it from its mouth. However, the method soon backfired, as the Mechano-Dragon became overcharged and began rampaging through the town. The Rescue Riders tried to destroy it, but failed due to the machine's Belzium exterior. Winger had the idea of tiring it up, while the other dragons blasted it simultaneously. The Mechano-Dragon exploded and its parts fell into the forest. It started ti power up again, but lost all power when Haggis rammed into it.

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Physical Appearance

First Model

The first Mechano-Dragon built by Magnus was made to resemble a bipedal dragon, with two wings. The flight of the dragon was made possible by a set of pedals that directly powered the wings. The direction of flight can by controlled by several levers, as well as the closing and opening of the metal claws.

Second Model

The second Mechano-Dragon was improved by Magnus, so that it wouldn't break as easily as the first one. Although the physical appearance was nearly identical as the first model, its exterior was made entirely of Belzium and the wings were steam-powered instead of having to use pedals. Magnus also added extensible claws that could be launched fast, in order to grab someone that is in danger.

Third Model

The third model of the Mechano-Dragon was built to resemble a quadruped dragon. It had a long neck and long tail and a large belly made for storage. Its wings were built to be more flexible, so that their flapping would look more natural. The machine was built in such way so it was able to shoot fire, water and rocks from its mouth and metallic spikes from its tail. It also had movable claws, able to gently pick up objects. After an adjustment made by Magnus, the Mechano-Dragon was able to absorb lightning directly from storm clouds through an antenna and shoot it through its mouth.

Fourth Model

The fourth Mechano-Dragon was identical in shape and size to the third model. It was also made entirely of Belzium, to ensure its durability. Additionally, this Mechano-Dragon had features that the previous models lacked. It had hidden spikes on its feet, which could expand and allow the machine to walk on ice. It also has a tube connected to its mouth that could amplify any sounds it caught, similar to a megaphone. It could also release smoke from its mouth and shine a purple light directly before it, for dramatic purposes.


First Model

The first Mechano-Dragon was made solely for the purpose of flying and moving objects around town.

Second Model

The second Mechano-Dragon was created by Magnus as a means to rescue others with its extensible claws.

Third Model

The third Mechano-Dragon had the abilities of shooting fire, water, rocks, and spikes, so that it could replace the Rescue Riders. After a minor adjustment, it was briefly able to channel and shoot lightning, imitating Winger's power blast.

Fourth Model

The fourth Mechano-Dragon had various abilities that could help Magnis win the Game of Horns. It could shoot arrows, toss boulders, create smoke and light for Magnus' dance, and was very fast on the ground. The machine also had a prancing mode, which Magnus used when he seemingly won the race.

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