We do things that that machine could never do. Come on, guys. Let's show him that we can decorate for the Spring Festival better than that thing ever can.

"Mecha-Menace" is the third episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


Magnus and Axel unveil their new "Mechano-Dragon". It's impressive at first, but the Riders set out to prove it's no better than a bucket of bolts.

Major Events


MM - Haggis having seen his shadow

Early in the morning, the villagers of Huttsgalor gather around the Great Hall to see if Haggis would notice his shadow. Duggard explains that if the sheep sees his shadow, the spring will officially begins. Otherwise, they will have an eternal winter. As Haggis doesn't want to come out of his tent, Dak and Winger grab it, forcing the sheep to be in the open. Haggis sees his shadow and starts running around, scared of it. Dak and Winger quickly cover the sheep with the tent, so that Haggis calms down. Duggard then declares the opening of the Spring Festival. The Rescue Riders notice some kids picking up lanterns and ask the chief about it. Duggard explains that they are Luck Lanterns and they are to be light up during the festival. The Rescue Riders pick up a few of them and return to The Roost.

MM - Of course not

Burple paints his lantern by spewing red and blue berries at it, while Leyla and Summer use paint brushes. Meanwhile, Axel and Magnus sneak up on the Rescue Riders and the boy takes measurements of Summer's tail. He quickly returns to his uncle, but the two are discovered by Dak. Axel pretends to have come for a Luck Lantern and Magnus plays along the story. Leyla offers them a lantern and they leave in a hurry. The Rescue Riders are confused by the situation but they soon return to what they were doing. At Magnus Finke's House, Axel and his uncle finish construction on the Mechano-Dragon. Axel takes the machine for a successful test ride.

MM - My mechano dragon

Meanwhile, the Rescue Riders return to the village and put their lanterns alongside the rest. Leyla and Summer notice Elbone trying to load a wheelbarrow with seed bags and failing several times. They ask him if he needs any help, but Elbone rejects them, as he wants to become a farmer on his own. Dak then asks Duggard if they could help prepare the village for the festival, so the chief lists a few task. Magnus interrupts them, claiming that his new invention could solve all the problems. He reveals the Mechano-Dragon in front of the townsfolk and the Rescue Riders, who are amazed and annoyed at the same time. Axel demonstrates the abilities of the machine by flying and moving objects around town. The people start to cheer for Magnus and his new invention, which greatly disturbs Leyla. She is approached by Elbone, who asks for help with the farming. Leyla, Summer, and Cutter follow the man, while the rest of the Rescue Riders stay and watch the Mechano-Dragon in action.

MM - Leyla putting seeds into the hole

At Elbone's farm, he reveals that he tried planting, but that the task is harder than he initially thought. Cutter uses his spines to cut a straight line through the ground. Leyla and Summer follow him and drop seeds into the hole. Cutter then returns and covers the seeds, while summer waters them. Elbone is amazed by their work, and Leyla welcomes the appreciation. She leaves to collect more seeds from the town, while Cutter remains with Elbone in order to dig more rows. The man talks with his pet rock, Rocky, and pretends to kiss Cutter on the cheek, which greatly annoys the dragon.

MM - Magnus wearking the special helmet

Meanwhile, in the village, the Mechano-Dragon finishes all the preparations for the Spring Festival, while the Rescue Riders watch it. Axel is acclaimed by the townspeople, who throw flowers at him. Duggard asks everyone to gather around the Great Hall in order for him to choose the Spring King. He crowns Magnus, for his work on the Mechano-Dragon. Just then, Leyla arrives and picks a bag of seeds. Magnus notices her and tells her to stop, but Leyla stands up to him, claiming that, unlike her and Summer, the Mechano-Dragon could never be used for farming. Magnus disagrees and tells Axel to mount the machine and use it for farming, despite it not being designed for such a task. Axel grabs Leyla's bag and heads for the farm.

MM - Seeds being dumped onto the soil

Meanwhile, Cutter finishes digging rows at Elbone's farm and earns the appreciation of the man. Elbone sees a shadow in the sky and assumes that it is Leyla returning with the seeds. He waves at it but soon realises that it is the Mechano-Dragon, so he gets out of his way. Leyla and Summer arrive soon afterwards, followed by a crowd of people eager to see the competition. After a minor drawback in opening the bag, Axel starts dropping seeds, yet they fall beside the row instead of inside it. Leyla tells him the mistake he's making, but Summer remarks that they aren't more precise due to the fact that they were going at high speed. She suggests slowing down, but Leyla rejects the idea, claiming that they have to finish the task before Axel.

MM - Jump on

Just then, they notice the Mechano-Dragon breaking down, and warn Axel of the problem. He doesn't believe Leyla, but when a lever of the machine breaks, he realises that she was right. Axel loses control over the Mechano-Dragon, which starts to fly chaotically and wreaks havoc in the village. The Rescue Riders manage to defend the townsfolk from the machine and direct it towards the open ocean. Summer and Leyla follow the Mechano-Dragon in order to save Axel, but the boy refuses to let go of the machine, as he was scared. Eventually, Axel falls off, so Leyla jumps after him and catches him just before he could hit the water. Leyla apologises to the boy for making him push the machine too hard, and therefore putting him in danger. They return to the village just as the sun begins to set.

MM - Leyla with the special helmet on

Upon landing, Magnus furiously asks what happened to his invention, but before the Rescue Riders could answer, Duggard intervenes. The chief reprimands Magnus for endangering his nephew, as well as the whole village, with his Mechano-Dragon. He asks for the King Spring crown back, which Magnus frustratingly returns. Duggard then crowns Leyla as the new Spring Queen and the townspeople cheer for her. Unsatisfied by the situation, Magnus warns the villagers that the Mechano-Dragon will return. Just then, the machine flies one last time through the village, completely obliterating the Luck Lanterns. Everyone is shocked to see this, except for Magnus and Axel, who use the distraction in order to rum away from further repercussions.

MM - The rock exploded with a blast to create fireworks

Duggard is disappointed that the village could no longer launch the lanterns. However, Dak reassures him that the Rescue Riders will find a solution. Later that night, all the dragons gather at the Roost and align in a circle. Burple throws rocks into the sky, which Winger, Aggro, and Cutter hit with their blasts, creating a firework effect. In the village, all the people are gathered to see the show and are amazed by the colourful lights. Haggis, who is standing beside Duggard, accidentally notices his shadow and jumps on the chief, scared. Duggard pets the sheep, and calms him down, continuing to watch the fireworks.





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