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      The Mazy Multitudes is a small archipelago located in the Barbaric Archipelago.

Official Description

The Mazy Multitudes is made up of thousands of small islands south of the Isle of Berk. It has gigantic sea cliffs, tricksy currents and needle-sharp rocks. Its eerie atmosphere led most Vikings to believe it was haunted.
  — Official How to Train Your Dragon Book website  
Within an hour they had left the safety of Woden's Bathtub and were entering the tricky currents and needle-sharp rocks of the Mazy Multitudes. ... Huge black mountains with grim scrabbles of rock rose on either side of them. The greasy sea swirled underneath, with every now and then a pointy rock appearing out of nowhere in the mist, so that the Second Kidnapper had to swiftly steer the boat clear
  — Book 3  


The Mazy Multitudes is located in the central part of the Barbaric Archipelago. Adjacent from the North is the Meathead Islands and the Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub. Adjacent to the West is the Summer Current and Berserk. To the South lies the Mystery, and to the west lies Villainy. From the southwest is Hysteria.

The name most likely derives from the high number of tiny islands and their close proximity to each other, making navigation through them 'maze-like'. It is amongst these islands that Roman Fort Sinister is situated, hidden from the rest of the Archipelago.


How to Speak Dragonese

The Mazy Multitudes appears on a map at the front of this Book, and contains Fort Sinister, a Roman outpost. It is here that Roman kidnappers take Hiccup, Fishlegs, Camicazi, and Toothless as prisoners, and eventually to fight in the Gladatorial ring.

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

The Mazy Multitudes are mentioned briefly as Hiccup, Camicazi, and One Eye sped across the frozen sea on a quest for the frozen potato. "They passed the Mazy Multitudes to the left ..."

It is mentioned again the following morning:

the sky was no longer black but the bluey-grey of a seagull's back, and the sun was coming up fast from behind the Mazy Multitudes.
  — Book 4  


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