Don't poke the Deathgrippers!

Marshland Deathgrippers are a group of Deathgrippers appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Bork the Bold's 'Dragon Manual' doesn't have much information about the Marshland Deathgripper. The chief reason for this is that few Vikings who have pursued this dragon have ever been heard from again. Every single description of other dragons in the book includes the line 'Extremely Dangerous; Kill on Sight', but not the Deathgripper. In its place is the enigmatic 'Immediately Fatal, Avoid at All Cost'.

We now know the reasons for this dragon's reputation. Descriptions of the Deathgripper invariably read like a list of weapons in a torturer's arsenal. Meter long tusks protruding from its mouth seem designed to lift plates in other dragons' armor. It follows this tactic by injecting a paralyzing poison into its victim with its tail stinger while foreleg pincers hold its victim in place. The Deathgripper's venom is so strong that one jab is enough to paralyze. Two jabs will kill. The third jab will saturate the corpse with enough poison that anyone touching it will be paralyzed on contact.

This stated, it is possible to tame a Deathgripper, but the process of winning its confidence is no easy matter. It is easiest to do so by starting with Deathgripper hatchlings, imprinting as their mother as they emerge from the egg.
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Physical Appearance

Marshland Deathgrippers are a deep, dark black-purple on all of the carapaced parts of their bodies. The more tender areas - around the eyes, underside, and wing membranes, are a rich mulberry shade. These Deathgrippers also have bright canary yellow eyes.

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