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Waldondo del Mundo: "A hardened warrior, trained in the art of battle, and a surprisingly good cook."
Leyla: "Eyepatch?"
Dak: "Mysterious past?"
Leyla: "Always pops up out of nowhere?"[src]

Marena is a recurring character[1] appearing in the children's television series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Early Life

Marena used to search for Odin's Gem in her youth, alongside Waldondo del Mundo. At one point, the two got stuck in a giant clam for two days. Eventually, she found Odin's Gem, but didn't tell Waldondo, and kept it for herself in her belt.

Living with Dragons

In "Boo to You", Marena appears in the village during the Hoogenboo festival, just in time to tell the Rescue Riders about the ghost story of the Phantom Fang. Everyone except Burple believe her story to just be a legend and not real. They are proven wrong though, when an invisible force starts destroying the village. Marena helps out when the Rescue Riders try to protect the village. Ultimately, the Phantom Fang is revealed to be a Slinkwing dragon.

In "Heavy Metal", Marena wakes up one morning, and - still very sleepy - opens her front door to see a large boulder of Belzium baring down on her house outside of town. The Rescue Riders divert the run-away boulder, and Marena yawns and slams her door shut, unfazed.

Leyla consulted Marena in "Sick Day" for any knowledge about the Dreaded Dragon Flu. Marena told her a story about a Submaripper who destroyed a village from his sneezing. She also told Leyla that Help Kelp can cure the disease. If left untreated though, a dragon's wings can freeze and loose their ability to fly for the rest of their lives.

Marena was woken from her sleep by the Baby Shriekscales' scream in "Grumblegard, Part 1". She was surprised to see that it was merely hatchling that produced the loud sound. Marena went to The Roost, where she performed a dance that put the babies to sleep. Leyla asked her to teach her the dance, but Marena claimed that she did, and then left.

Reunion with an Old Friend

In "Treasure Riders", Marena was visited by Waldondo del Mundo. He claimed to have found a map to the legendary Odin's Gem and invited her in his treasure hunt. She refused, as she was secretly the possessor of the gem, but she didn't tell him why. The Rescue Riders offered to go with Waldondo, so Marena accepted to come along with them, so that she could keep an eye on them. She also told Burple to stay behind, in case they needed any help. The group traveled to the Isle of Lost Vikings, where they entered a cave in search for the gem. Marena warned the Rescue Riders of booby traps, and just then Waldondo activated one, which was quickly destroyed by the dragons. The group reached a dead-end, but Marena was able to find a secret lever, which opened the path in front of them. After the emerged from the cave, the saw a large ship. The Rescue Riders went to find the treasure, while Marena inspected it from a surface. Waldondo trapped her in a net and threw her on the beach, while he left wuth the Rescue Riders locked on his ship. Marena was saved by Burple and the two went to rescue the rest of their friends. Marena fought Waldondo and defeated him, tying him up to the mast. She then returned to Huttgalor, where she reveled Odin's Gem to the Rescue Riders. She then passed the gem to Burple and returned to her home.

Search for the Golden Dragon

At some point after "Tresure Riders", Waldondo showed up on Huttsgalor again, so the Rescue Riders took him to Marena. The two friends hugged, which confused the Rescue Riders. Marena explained to Dak that it was important for her to forgive Waldondo's actions, but not forget them. She asked Waldondo the reason of his visit and he told her that lots of pirates, including Erik the Wretched, were hunting a Golden Dragon and its egg. Marena described Erik to the Rescue Riders and let them go, so that they could protect the Golden Dragon. Unbeknownst to them, Marena found Svetlana the Sly's group of pirates and disguised herself as Yorgi, Svetlana's second-in-command. While undercover, she followed the Rescue Riders and the pirates to the Golden Dragon. When the Riders began having difficulties fighting Waldondo, Marena revealed herself and engaged in a duel with her old friend. They eventually came to terms with each other and teamed up against the rest of the pirates. Marena then fled the battle with the Rescue Riders and they brought her to Gemma, the Golden Dragon mother. Marena arrived just in time to see the golden egg hatch, and the baby dragon that emerged shot a blast of glitter in her direction.

Physical Appearance

Marena is a slim older woman with short grey hair. She is missing her right eye and wears a purple patch over it. She sports a medium purple, long-sleeve tunic tucked into leggings of the same color, as well as a more reddish-purple wrap-around. She carries a short staff with a stylized purple dragon head at one end.


Marena seems a bit unhinged at times and has a habit of popping up unexpected. But despite this she is very knowledgeable and she is often proven right despite the skepticism shown by others. She has been on many adventures around the world or so she claims. She doesn't always say everything unless she is prompted by someone. She also seems to get very excited when telling stories about her adventures.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Stealth: Marena is sneaky and silent, able to seemingly appear and disappear into thin air. She is even able to sneak up on dragons, who have superior senses.

Experience and Knowledge: Marena has traveled far and wide, been on many adventures, and seen many thing. She has accumulated much knowledge about places, people, and dragons.

Athleticism: Marena is nimble and quick, despite her advancement into adulthood. She demonstrates the knowledge of weapons fighting with her staff. She is able to do many acrobatic feats and has a quick response time.

Cooking: According to Waldondo del Mundo, Marena is a very good cook.


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Rescue Riders

Marena is on good terms with the Rescue Riders always willing to help them when the team needs it. From needing knowledge to a dragon rescue she tends to watch over them like an adoptive aunt. She also seems to select Burple the most to ride on or for special reasons to help.

Waldondo del Mundo



  • Marena may be Hispanic or of Hispanic decent, due to her occasional usage of Spanish in Dragons: Rescue Riders. Historically, this is potentially feasible (but not likely), as historical Vikings did raid and trade on the coastal regions of Spain.


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