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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Mama Ironclaw's Hatchlings are four Silver-tailed Ironclaws that first appeared in "Bad Egg".



In "Bad Egg", four Silver-tailed Ironclaws hatched from Mama Ironclaw's eggs, just as the Rescue Riders were in their nest in an attempt to retrieve a fake egg. Dak tried to keep the babies in their eggs, so that they wouldn't make noise and wake up their mother. He couldn't hold them for long, so Cutter sung them to sleep. However, Magnus Finke screamed loud enough to wake up both the hatchlings and their mother, before making his escape. The baby Ironclaws cuddled to their mother and watched as she pursued the Rescue Riders for invading her nest.

Escape from their Nest

When Mama Ironclaw didn't return to her nest in "High Anxiety", the Ironclaw Hatchlings went searching for her and ended up in the village of Huttsgalor. They ran around town, knocking over everything and scaring Haggis, before Summer yelled at them and the hatchlings stopped. The Rescue Riders brought them back to their nest, where they discovered that their mother was missing. Aggro and Burple stayed with the babies, while the others went looking for Mama Ironclaw. The baby Ironclaws kept trying to escape the nest, making Aggro's work difficult. Soon enough, Cutter returned to the nest and asked for help. They brought the hatchlings with them, and reunited them with their mother, who was barely hanging at the edge of a cliff. The babies helped hold their mother still until Hannahr built splinters for her broken wing. After finishing, the Ironclaw family returned home, where the hatchlings kept jumping on their mother, happy to see her safe. They waved goodbye to the Rescue Riders as they flew back to the village.

Physical Appearance

The Ironclaw Hatchlings have all the same coloration. They are light green with darker spots and stripes on their backs and white underbellies. They have blue shades on their wings and light blue eyes.


Being very young, the Silver-tailed Ironclaw Hatchlings are extremely playful and will hardly listen to anyone. Despite their age, they could understand when their mother was in trouble, and did their best in helping her.

Abilities and Skills

Firepower: Like all Ironclaws, the hatchlings can shoot bright orange fire. However, as they are young and inexperienced, they cannot control the power in their fireballs.

Strength: Despite being young, the Ironclaw Hatchlings are capable of carrying one another while flying.


Rescue Riders

The Rescue Riders were the first beings the Ironclaw Hatchlings saw after they got out of their eggs. They are very friendly towards them, allowing themselves to be pet and carried by the Rescue Riders.

Mama Ironclaw

The Ironclaw Hatchlings have a strong bond with their mother. Despite not always listening to her, they will instantly align themselves in front of their mother if she yells at them.



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